Figuarts ZERO Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki on Jump Fiesta 2012

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If you are fans of Naruto Shippuden, I assume that you follow the latest chapter of manga Naruto Shippuden and probably watched the anime too, but I doubt you watched the Movie Naruto Shippuden because it was terrible for me. If you want to give it a try why not, just search and download naruto shippuden the movie. The next important part to complete your collection is by searching for the soundtrack naruto shippuden and naruto shippuden wallpaper. Too much filler just Naruto Shippuden anime had, please Read more to see the next character.

Figuarts ZERO Naruto Shippuden series has been appeared on Jump Fiesta 2012 recently. As you can see from some pictures here, The Figuarts ZERO comes with new characters from Naruto Shippuden such as a leader of Akatsuki, the unknown masked rouge ninja with his sharingan in his right eye and rinnegan in his left eye. Lately on Naruto Shippuden manga, he claimed his name as Tobi when we first though he could be Madara.

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I am sure that you know this man, a dead body who destroyed the Konoha Village known as Pain. The Figuarts ZERO Pain comes alone this time. Figuarts ZERO Itachi Uchiha finally revealed its final form as well as the Figuarts ZERO Deidara. I hope the rest members will be revealed as soon as possible because the fans are waiting same like with the latest post about SDCC 2011 Toynami Naruto Shippuden.

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Naruto Shippuden on Jump Festa 2012
all of images taken from Hobby Stock.
: Figuarts ZERO Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki on Jump Fiesta 2012
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Figuarts ZERO Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki on Jump Fiesta 2012

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