Gigantic Series Frieza Final Form

Most of you must be already aware for the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection 'F'. Now here comes the main character as evil of course, the antagonist one, Frieza. The Frieza (rephrase of Freezer) standing tall almost 30" or approximately 34cm along with his smirk face.

Gigantic Series Frieza Final Form

The emperor of universe Frieza will take part as role main antagonist character in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z : Ressurection 'F' or Revival of 'F'. The revival also comes into a PVC figure with big size from X-plus as the manufacturer. If you are Dragon Ball Z guy, you still can pre order this evil guy with at least 7000 Yen as the price, different places also put varies price such as amiami, HLJ, 1999, etc. The release date should be on May 2015, better make your move before it went high when it already released.

Gigantic Series Frieza Final Form
Credit to cybergundam
: Gigantic Series Frieza Final Form
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: RiP666
: Gigantic Series Frieza Final Form

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