HG Yamcha PVC Figure from Dragon Ball Z

Not sure what is going on but this figure is surely a very creative one from Bandai, so they shout just shut up and take our money. Taken from Dragon Ball Z anime or movie series this is Yamcha in a moment of dying, I guest most people get used with him dying like this LOL. But I am not sure from which scene actually, maybe from the anime or from the movie.

This is really fun and now we are bleeding to hear when Bandai will release this unique PVC Figure as a Premium Bandai Online Shop. But as a fan, one must sacrifice himself to pre order this three dimensional PVC figure of Yamcha. When you heard about Limited items, first thing is the price will be high, but this 120mm figure will be released with price around 3456 Yen only.

Put him whenever you want to, it will be a great showcase and fun also. Yamcha will be available on August 2015, be sure to pre order it on http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000096837.
Credit goes to cybergundam.
: HG Yamcha PVC Figure from Dragon Ball Z
: 4.5
: RiP666
: HG Yamcha PVC Figure from Dragon Ball Z

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