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Now I'm really glad when I touched this keyboard and writting this post in this blog, in this what I once called second home,, the abandoned one LOL. but now it doesn't matter anymore, after years I still managed to keep this domain, even though I lost the hosting due to late payment, so I also lost most of my latest post in that host. What done is done, now let start a new one at least I still have this blogspot to connect the story.

First let me introduce our new born family, my son Altair. no, don't think, don't talk, I know what you wanna say LOL. that's right this is my beloved son from my beloved wife, I got married almost 1 half year, I guest nobody care huh. This is one of my reason that made me almost abandone this blog. But they are also that support me to continue blabbering in this post. My son already in his six months now and I tried to make him like me, the first knowledge was to know what gundam was, so I gave him my precious MSIA Devil Gundam. Gosh, I can't event found my old post about Devil Gundam now, need to renew soon yeah.

I hate to admit it, but this is me with glasses and moustache and beard, the face that you will meet anywhere. I tried wearing couple Iron Man shirt with him, we look cool huh. okey maybe this is just beginning but I hope I will make some good post to share, again.

Nice to be here, nice to meet all of you, see you again here or in your blog also. I will try to make new environment here, a good one. I will not sharing news information like I used to be everyday, because I didn't have much time for blog now, but once again I will try.
: Me And Altair
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: Me And Altair

4 komentar for Me And Altair:

  1. Congrats bro! Now you have your veri exclusive 1/1 scale child! Happy for you and stay cool hanging around your domain! Cheers ^_^

  2. thanks bro really glad for having you here :D,, sure hope I can make mine as good as yours

  3. Nice to see you unlocking new achievement in life. Sometime those choices are right choices. Take your time to do what is needed.

  4. Many thanks bro,, really appreciate it :),, it's really nice,, lets spread more happiness here


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