Meet The Green Dude Hulk Avengers Version

Last week we have a Hotwheels race event with other toys community so our community we also take part in this opportunity. This is also a chance to meet this green dude with ugly ripped shortpant. Friend of mine bring his Hottoys 1/6 Hulk : The Avengers Version so why don't we take a look what it made of.

The most anticipate six scale action figure from Hot Toys, Hulk appeared to be majestic with its gigantic size. Man this could be almost 17" tall, and I think it does oversize but when you crosscheck again with Marvel The Avengers movie it seems the size is just fine. The Hulk stand brave with its big bare foot, no need to be afraid for him to fall except shake your body to hard and dance near him.

The face looks really rage with great details by the sculptor, he didn't bring the optional face, and also the optional hands, and also the box, naah never mind. No wait !! is it really have optional face ?? Its face also got mimic in eyeballs, you can point them wherever you want, nothing new I guess. I mean why you bother to play with this eyes feature when Hulk's eyes are so tiny. Now for body you can see it really bulky I mean full of muscle and some chest hair also, what a detail.

Now we talk about joint that installed in this green Hulk, it use seamless body joint on the elbows and the wrists, but not for the shoulders. But still you can pose what you want to recreate the scene just like in the movie. Of course I didn't do much extreme post, I did afraid if something goes wrong and break up some parts. Hulk's hands have some wire or joint so you can play with them, you can make peace sign or even rise its middle finger.

Now we come for his only one and only suit, a pant, a ripped pant but suprisingly it more cool than mine now LOL.

At last this thing is really good if you are Marvel fans especially for The Avengers, the price is not really high if you compare it with Iron Man such as Hulk Buster. And be ready for another version of The Avengers 2 upcoming movie. Thanks for read my poor review of 1/6 Hulk The Avengers Version, I'm just killing some time here.
: Meet The Green Dude Hulk Avengers Version
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Meet The Green Dude Hulk Avengers Version

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