Devil Gundam Came on Friday

Thanks God It's Friday..!!

Got a wonderfull photo of Devil Gundam and God Gundam from my friend, Hendra from AkatsukiAttack. Just a simple detail it's taken from G Gundam series, I bet you are already knew and no one cares. One of the rare items that I admired, MSIA Devil Gundam Final Form stand perfectly with 1/200 Speed Grade G Gundam. The size is almost the same from the anime series althought the Devil Gundam most likely in 1/144 scale.

bandai devil gundam action figure

Whenever I see this form, I always want to open mine too, but I also love it stay MISB LOL. Well whatever thanks for the photo bro, really appreciate and will always wait for next photos.
: Devil Gundam Came on Friday
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Devil Gundam Came on Friday

2 komentar for Devil Gundam Came on Friday:

  1. Nice pic. Always know you are a big fan of Devil Gundam. Lol.

  2. Thanks bro, but you still my big contributor for selling your rare Devil Gundam back there, thanks a lot haha


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