Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model

We could never forget what happen in Jaburo at that time the Universal Century 0079, the tragedy that makes me a better man up untill now. Damn who would care what happen to me LOL but yeah we all do loves the Tragedy in Jaburo on the twenty-ninth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam. Tonight someone could represent one of the scene with Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model.

tragedy in jaburo diorama

The diorama focus on somewhere in main entrance at Jaburo when the attack by Zeon happened, it was near the river where the Z'gok army launch a guerrilla attack from water to land. It was really a nice diorama but wait what if I tell you the diorama size is barely bigger than a bottle of cement ? now that I called Awesoomeee. Not only the Z'gok army but also the modelers give a variation with GMs squad. Not sure what scale this super diorama built before, but at least I enjoy my weekend seeing it.

zgok jaburo mobile suit gundam

mobile suit gundam jaburo attack

zgok attack jaburo mobile suit gundam

GM and zgok attack in jaburo

Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model is thanks and source credit to the modeler you can visit the modelers-g to support his work by a vote. Visit the source page HERE.
: Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model

2 komentar for Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model:

  1. One of those small diorama I have seen. The mud like really realistic. Like a pool of fresh Fondue.

  2. yeah the texture looks real especially the light reflection on the water


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