HGBF Transient Gundam by KOMA-P

A fast cool work like usual by KOMA-P with his brand new released model kit HGBF 1/144 Transient Gundam has been appeared today. The kit was just released before and the modeler already done his job with modified it and here are the work of KOMA-P.

transient gundam century

There are no modification except for the ball joint of the waist that he replaced to a better articulation. With its nice design the modeler built the Transient Gundam in a fast way but neat. The color is pure white just like the original color and added with some nice decals in the leg.

bandai build fighters gundam transient

gundam century transient high grade

gundam build fighters try transient

bandai gundam model kit transient

transient gundam high grade build fighters

Have a nice day and show your love to the work of HGBF Transient Gundam by KOMA-P by visit and vote his page HERE.
: HGBF Transient Gundam by KOMA-P
: 4.5
: RiP666
: HGBF Transient Gundam by KOMA-P

2 komentar for HGBF Transient Gundam by KOMA-P:

  1. My friend had this. The clear parts especially the weapons looks awesome under UV lighting!

  2. woow interesting,, maybe someday I'll get one too


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