MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot

Finally got something worth to post yet all the previous post are the same too, but here we go again in the same week of end, Its Sunday. Yesterday got times to do an experiment for my photoshoot, yeah still lack skill and equipment but humble present my poor collection of MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot.

bandai devil gundam figures

The fast story is this is my ultimate collection got from a friend that live in Singapore, its Dennis aka Katsuden thanks for letting me handle of your MISB figure. To begin with this treasure was in shine condition with a box, a MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) MSIA Devil Gundam. You can imagine how big the size was and if shipping across country how much does it cost, but it was a fate so I can make it without much cost of shipping.

The MSIA toy line now replaced by Robot Damashii line series, but there are many people like me who still searching for Mobile Suit In Action toy line that already discontinued and sometimes very rare. But do not worry there still a small chance for you who want to collect them but off course with some luck and ton of cash. Find it on Amazon, Ebay, or someone's collection and you can also try the auction at Yahoo Japan. So here is a little review for Bandai MSIA Devil Gundam original / ultimate form photos taken by me. The V fin already broken but I will manage to fix it someday and meet also the Gashapon Devil Gundam which I found a long time ago.

devil gundam century action figure

bandai msia devil gundam century

action figures msia devil gundam century

figure devil gundam century bandai

figure collection devil gundam century

dark gundam figures devil gundam century

Thanks for coming and enjoy your weekend with my MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot, will update again with Gundam stuff and other figure news.
: MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot
: 4.5
: RiP666
: MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot

4 komentar for MSIA Devil Gundam Photoshoot:

  1. This is really a top arsenal for MSIA. To think back that Bandai is rather ambitious back then. I'm really happy the figure is in great shape under your care. The figure had found an awesome and deserving owner with much Damashii in G Gundam!

  2. Thanks bro,, Will surely take care of your legacy

  3. Where to get the mini SD Gashapon Devil Gundam (the one with the claw shoulders)? The only one I can find is the SD BB Ultimate Gundam and the Gashapon Dash Ultimate Gundam.

    1. hey there I also found it accidentaly on the local store at Surabaya Indonesia, it comes set with others such as dendrobium, neue ziel, psyco gundam also.


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