Universal Century Main Heroes by Chuck Ibrahim

Wednesday morning in Universal Century timeline is really a good day to start, although it is raining outside. Recently found a beautiful photo of some main mobile suit Gundam unit in Universal Century era. The photo taken by Chuck Ibrahim and you can see more of his cool photo collections on his Facebook album.

universal century mobile suit gundam

It is not all main Gundam placed there in one place but sure I find it was really interesting to see. When you notice the background it was a 32 inch TV box but you will not focus there because the main object was taken with such nice angle. So can you guess which mobile suit that not placed here ?

-Credit goes to owner and thanks for the permission to post your photo here.-
: Universal Century Main Heroes by Chuck Ibrahim
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Universal Century Main Heroes by Chuck Ibrahim

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  1. Among all, I like EZ-8 the most. I would say I started Gundam with 08th MS Team and 0083 Stardust Memory.

    1. That's definitely one of best story in UC era


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