Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition

The second generation of fire fist came to his own brother, Sabo the 2nd man of Revolutionary Army as you can see from the several new chapter in the latest arc of One Piece manga. The Meramera devil fruit that appeared again because of the death of the last user, Portgas D. Ace has been captured by Sabo through the fierce battle in the colosseum. So here is the new master of Meramera devil Fruit presented in the form of Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition.

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Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition featured with the latest appearence from Dressrosa arc, it was the first time he shown up as a 2nd man of Revolutionary Army. With highly detailed PVC figure by Bandai the Figuarts Zero Sabo comes with clear effect parts of fire that attached on his body. The figure itself will stands approximately 150mm tall in his state and not to forget the 'dodon !!' character effect will also included in the package.

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one piece bandai figuarts zero sabo figure

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bandai figuarts zero one piece sabo pvc figure

Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition will be available on October 2015 after the Figuarts ZERO Portgas D. Ace which will be released on September 2015. The price should be around 4500 Yen, different places also put varies price such as amiami, HLJ, 1999, etc. The credit goes to cybergundam.
: Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Figuarts ZERO Sabo 5th Anniversary Edition

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