Gundam G-Self by gunplaism

Got so many works recently but still managed to do a post today, well here is an interesting work about Gundam G-Self by gunplaism which has shown up recently on modelers-g. Really like the pose that he made for the G-self as the first images shown below.

gundam century reconguista gself

A work that focusing with paint job and some refinement in several aspect using the HG 1/144 Gundam G-Self and also with Optional Space Backpack Unit. The chosen color looks solid and bold and yet it posted with cool pose by the modeler.

bandai gundam century reconguista in G

bandai high grade model kit gundam reconguista

gundam century gself space unit type

space unit type gself gundam century

gundam model kits bandai reconguista in G

reconguista in G gundam century bandai

You can see more works beside the Gundam G-Self by gunplaism on his blog at gunplaism and help him by giving your vote to his work to modelers-g.
: Gundam G-Self by gunplaism
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Gundam G-Self by gunplaism

2 komentar for Gundam G-Self by gunplaism:

  1. The Gundam looks much better that the watching the anime.

  2. LOL the anime so messed up but came with unique story, and yeah this work is the real deal


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