Gundam Skull by frog717

A crazy weekend with a crazy work of Gundam Skull by frog717 has been appeared recently. This is a great work by Korean's modeler Lee, Kyung Won by made the scariest skull head by using part from Gundam Model Kits which I don't even know what exactly each parts came from. Help yourself up and enjoy some WIP images from the modeler, many apologize for not make a details explanation because of limitations of language.

gundam model kits skull

Gundam Skull by frog717 is a compilation of many other parts from gundam model kits but I believe not only from Gundam but also from other model kit such as Zoids, etc. Can you guess which parts that you notice from the pictures below ?

gundam model kits skull head

bandai gundam model kits skull head

skull head gundam model kits

bandai gundam skull century model kits

skull gundam century bandai model kits

gundam part skull head model kits bandai

gundam skeleton bandai model kits

skeleton bandai gundam model kits

korea gundam model kits century

gundam skull head century model kits

gundam model kits stand base bandai head display

See the real page that Gundam Skull by frog717 have posted before here. He also the previous modeler that made an awesome tiger from gundam model kits parts last time if you follow the news lately.
: Gundam Skull by frog717
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Gundam Skull by frog717

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