Hot Toys Ant Man Teaser Appeared

A single picture shown on Hot Toys Facebook page recently with a little figure running around below. Yeah a good news spread around the Marvel fans about Hot Toys Ant Man Teaser Appeared with several pieces of the full action figure. So when the full thing announce by Hot Toys ?

marvel ant man the movie avengers century

You wont get any clue so fast because the project yet to start, just sit nice and wait until they blast a new one of this Hot Toys Ant Man figure collectibles. A really nice stage are ready in Beijing back then and have a great chance to meet it at the Hot Toys Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Exhibition at INDIGO mall. As The movie soon will be released on 17th of July 2015, The Ant Man will put a unique show in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stay tuned and visit their facebook page for the update at Hot Toys Facebook Page.
: Hot Toys Ant Man Teaser Appeared
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: Hot Toys Ant Man Teaser Appeared

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