WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part I

Finally have some time with a WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part I on Bandai MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai by A2M_PRADANA. The idea is to make an improvement in thrusters and as the weapon using the optional weapon unit equipment type for MG 1/100 ARF that I bought before, a Caletvwlch. So here is some WIP images and hope you all like it, enjoy.

model kit bandai astray red frame work fast

The ideas start from the backpack but for some reason I prefer to choose the Non Grade 1/100 ARF's backpack to be modified with the Caletvwlchs. But I realized the backpack's connector on Non Grade was different from the connector in the Caletvwlchs so I put some trick using a 1mm pla plate just like on the image below.

master grade astray work in progress

And voila !! the simple trick just fit as I imagined by using 1mm pla plate without the addition of cement. Because I'm afraid if it broken when trying to move it so a knockdown system practically a better way for this.

model kit bandai non grade astray

So the Caletvwlchs was successfully connected with the Non Grade's backpack as shown in the images below. The backpack blended just like the MG ARF's backpack had it was pretty cool in different way.

caletvwlch weapon astray red frame

astray red frame model kits master grade

Okay now for the connector in the back I using a bigger size like 4mm pipes plate and pla beam around 3mm because the Non Grade connector just don't fit normally with the Master Grade's body.

gundam century pla plate astray

The Astray Red Frame's inner frame was ready to mutilate, but not with the body haha.

bandai gundam astray red model kits

With another trick the connector in the back seem fit in perfectly after the second trial just like in the pictures below. A test with the body if there still any mistake or not.

astray gundam model kits bandai

gundam century model kits astray red

bandai master grade astray red frame

astray red frame bandai model kits

Well too tired to continue, but the outcome seems more awesome than I imagine, the pair of Caletvwlch as the weapon unit equipment type are highly detailed so I think no need to add more gimmick with the mechanism. See the second post of WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part II.

: WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part I
: 4.5
: RiP666
: WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part I

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