Good day on a long weekend makes me want to accomplish the WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part II that has been paused after one week. Before we continue maybe you want to take a look on the previous post of WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part I. Today we start from another last fitting test with frame and armor all assembled. The connector which I modified using pipes plate and pla beam are ferfectly fine with the back of MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame.

bandai master grade astray red frame century

For now the backpack have no issue so I need to focus on the weapon now. For the weapons it seems the M.S.G. Weapon Unit 32 Japanese Sword with 1/100 scale from Kotobukiya are the perfect match, for me the original katanas from Bandai MG ARF itself are too big and too long so I just need the simple one.

gundam model kits astray red frame century

Well there is always a problem with modifying another parts from another brand except it use the universal standard so the plug and play term can be using anytime and anywhere. Let start with the connector from Bandai it seems the female hole is bigger than the Kotobukiya had so the use of 4mm pla pipes are really useful here. Below are the male connectors from M.S.G Kotobukiya.

master grade gundam model kits arf

Here is the photo with 4mm pla pipes already attached on Bandai in the left and in the right is Kotobukiya male connector.

bandai kotobukiya weapon astray red frame

Okay now here is the final sample of the Astray Red Frame type C with Caletvwlch's backpack and the Katanas attached. The currently state is just a snap fit only but how do you thing ?

astray red frame type c master grade

master grade astray red frame type c gundam century

We'll continue with the finishing step for painting work next time, I hope you enjoy this simple work in progress of MBF-PO2C Astray Red Frame Type C - Part II. See the third part HERE.

: WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part II
: 4.5
: RiP666
: WIP MBF-PO2C ARF Type C - Part II

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