Encouragement Transformers Photoshoot by AkatsukiAttack

Not have any ideas and times for writting are the common things in life, it happened all the time with me each years from when I started as a Blogger. I bet some of you felt the same too, so many wonderful blog not lasted long enough in this hobby and I still hope I will survive here as long as I can. To everyone that share the same hobby, keep your spirit up and pre order a new one LOL, and hey just take a look on the picture below we have Transformers with cool pose shoot by AkatsukiAttack.

watch transformers the movie gundam century

A little detail from the bigger one in the left, it is Masterpiece Ultra Magnus from Takara Tomy, in the middle we have the Masterpiece Optimus Prime Year of The Horse from Hasbro, and the little one is Takara Tomy Masterpiece Red Alert Hot Rod with Custom Repaint. All property of AkatsukiAttack thanks for your support pal.
: Encouragement Transformers Photoshoot by AkatsukiAttack
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Encouragement Transformers Photoshoot by AkatsukiAttack

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