Fast Gundam Mini Studio Tutorial

Collecting figures, model kits, or anything related to this hobbies are a very interesting hobby in our lives, simply put them on the showcase and its done, but many of us want our figures to be shoot so that we can show to others what we have. Some people have tools for this activity and some people don't, me also don't have support for a photograpy things but we can make it without using expensive tools.

First you will need any tools that can snap your object, if you have money than you can buy SLR Camera, or less money just use pocket camera or cellphone. Here is my experience for taking photo with my lovely MSIA Devil Gundam Fighter mode, above was my first try shoot indoor with backlit position using two desk lamp without camera flash.

And below second try snapped with flash from my phone, not looking good either.

With trial and error while directing headlights from the desk lamp, I've got an ideal set for a photoshot indoor without flash and background.

And below when I'm using flash.

Not satisfied with the result before I've tried to shoot with a background, below a trial with my son's puzzle floor mats, you can have more light here but you can't focussing your figure and it will hard to do editing photo if your background color are the same color with your figure.

So I ended using a white soft cardboard for a background, you can see below with enough light the figure look more cool and you can easily do editing for changing background or whatever you want. You only need trial and error to make the best theme set for your mini studio.

Here is my fast cheap mini studio, if you have an expensive camera you can shoot a very detailed object here.

For a further step you can add different color in your background such as black for darker theme color, or even red color if you dare. So this is it, if you interested with my cheap and fast tutorial you can apply yours at home.
: Fast Gundam Mini Studio Tutorial
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: RiP666
: Fast Gundam Mini Studio Tutorial

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  1. Yeah! Looks like you got this set up right! Getting a light tent will help too. Can give it a try.

  2. thanks bro I'm still learning,, yeah me too use a cheap light tent it was a piece of paper :D


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