Hyper Lady Kawaguchi by kogakote

An interesting work submitted at modelers-g recently and it seems the work loved by voter there in short time after it published, that work called Hyper Lady Kawaguchi by kogakote. The modeler finished it in one week for a competition, the Hyper Lady Kawaguchi made to prevent the Super Fumina that appeared in the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try. Somehow it looks like a Lady Gaga but thats Lady Kawaguchi looks like LOL, well please enjoy this cool work by kogakote.

gundam build fighters try lady kawaguchi

Hyper Lady Kawaguchi build fighters try

gundam model kit Hyper Lady Kawaguchi

bandai gundam build fighters try anime

gundam nobel modified lady kawaguchi

hyper lady kawaguchi gundam anime series

You can also support the modeler by giving him a vote on Hyper Lady Kawaguchi by kogakote at modelers-g.
: Hyper Lady Kawaguchi by kogakote
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Hyper Lady Kawaguchi by kogakote

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