Lost by minickm1

Somewhere in UC 0079 when the 08 MS platoon was exterminated from party, Zeon secretly send spearhead platoon to conduct a raid. But because of an ambush by the 08 MS team squadron, the Spearhead platoon being wiped there is a survivor. The MS-06JC Zaku II were Lost in the jungle with satellite navigation systems are damaged and nowhere to go.

Hell yeah a very cool diorama appeared recently on modelers-g with MG Zaku II as the main character, the diorama was called Lost by minickm1. An outdoor diorama with a forest setting made by the modeler with higly detailed work as seems it was real thing. The green swamp is one of the best part that makes it more alive, please enjoy the details here.

The diorama Lost by minickm1 is belong to the modeler, the first story taken from the real page with a little change in some words. If you find this gundam diorama interesting, please help give him a vote at modelers-g.
: Lost by minickm1
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Lost by minickm1

2 komentar for Lost by minickm1:

  1. The pics sure carries a strong essence of the diorama.

  2. The Zaku is really lost here :D


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