RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh

reborn one hundred mobile suit dijeh

The long awaited release that scheduled in this month from Mobile Suit Z Gundam anime series this is RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh. A Karaba prototype mobile suit that once piloted by Amuro Ray rise again in the form of Reborn-One Hundred line series.

The RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh features with unique head shape and movable mono eye with clear part, also the super articulations that you don't need to worry about. It will be equipped with a clay bazooka, a beam rifle, a beam naginata / halberd, smacking for left and right, grip hand for left and right, and weapon wrist for left and right.

bandai model kit dijeh amuro ray

amuro ray dijeh model kit

prototype mobile suit dijeh gundam model kits

gundam mobile suit dijeh model kit

dijeh model kit gundam century

mobile suit z gundam dijeh

The RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh will be available on June 18 2015 with price around 3500 Yen, different places also put varies price such as amiami, HLJ, Hobby Search, etc. Credit thanks to cybergundam.
: RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh
: 4.5
: RiP666
: RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh

2 komentar for RE 1/100 MSK-008 Dijeh:

  1. RE-100 Reborn-100 is surely my favourite line now with 1/100 scale Gunpla of MSV or MS that were in the sideline and not forgotten like Dijeh piloted by Amuro Ray in Gundam Z

  2. surely bro, we can see more sideline MS that will be appeared in RE series


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