Sinanju is Three Times Bigger than Zaku

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Sunday morning with a featured photo post from Getsa, an interesting art using gundam model kits that share the idea from the hot toys avengers by Hrjoe Photography doing the same pose. He thought it would be cool to make a gundam version, hell yeah it was awesome to me, how about you ?

The scene is focussing on how the Zeon and Neo Zeon's mobile suits using their free time to take a pee together against the wall, but it seems the Zakus are amazed with Sinanju's thing LOL. From the left to the right we have Zaku II mass production, Char's Zaku, Sinanju, Zaku II black tri-star, and Zaku II white ogre / shin matsunaga, please spare me folks I didn't know what exactly type of each model kit and I guess the scale are 1/100.

If you find this post cool why don't you go visit Getsa's FB and follow his Instagram ID @ getsasredyoll.
: Sinanju is Three Times Bigger than Zaku
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Sinanju is Three Times Bigger than Zaku

2 komentar for Sinanju is Three Times Bigger than Zaku:

  1. What a Mono-eye platoon! When check out the recommendation ...

  2. glad that we are in the same boat,, hail mono eye


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