Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure

Okay first of all I watched the shows on the first day, it appeared in my country at July 16th and really recommending for you to watch. The movie itself was a refreshing compared to The Avengers Age of Ultron but as you know this is an opening to a Civil Wars next year, can't wait to watch all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the Ant-Man teaser images in the last few months, now it is time for the upcoming 1/6 scale of Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure, see more for the official images.

The 1/6 scale Ant-Man Collectible Figure from Hot Toys appeared to celebrate the release of its film with the latest suit that appeared in the movie of course. Scott Lang is the man behind the mask played by Paul Rudd will be produced with higly detailed accuration head sculpt from Hot Toys team, the open head will also included with a developed helmet from the movie. The Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure sure will become another hit for collectors with its unique design and many features by Hot Toys.

The figure features with a helmet with red LED, the LED will light up when helmet is closed. The Ant-Man miniature collectible figure will be also included with approximately 2.8cm tall. And detailed accessories and a figure stand made special for Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure.

The information of Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure will be available soon, just wait and see and always comeback to Gundam Century.
: Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure

2 komentar for Hot Toys Ant-Man Collectible Figure:

  1. I'm not a HT collector but going to watch the movie anyway : )

  2. yeah its worth of your popcorn bro :D


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