How to Remove Seamline Tutorial

Today we have another tutorial that really necessary for your gundam model kit especially for the one who want to be a pro modeler or a fighter which can not left a simple flaw on it. It is a basic technique How to Remove Seamline Tutorial.

Now if you ready lets prepare some tools such as:
  • Part A and part B that should be assembled together
  • Sandpaper 400, 800, and 1500 grit
  • Pen knife or cutter
  • Cement (any brand such as Tamiya / Mr. Hobby / Academy)
  • Tamiya Putty (optional)
  • Toothpick

Okay we start from the first step by applying cement on the side of the part that should be assembled together between part A and part B just like in the pictures below.

After cement applied evently on each part, fit the part together and pressed them firmly for 30 seconds or 1 minute so each part blends perfectly.

Below is the result and if you still doubt just apply more cement on it.

The sad thing is we need to wait until the part blends perfectly, it will take four - six hours or if you want you can wait for one day. So you need to do this step to all the gundam model kit part that you want to build to shorten the time.

If the part ready by the time you can carry on with next step with a pen knife or a cutter, remove the rest of cement that you used before with pen knife.

After that sand the part with 400 grit.

Refined it more with 800 grit.

Sand it more with 1500 grit to get a satisfactory result.

Now your done !! but wait the seamline still visible, it usually happened when the part did not blend perfectly.

No worries because Tamiya Putty is the best solution for this case.

Apply a little of Tamiya Putty on a toothpick at the seamline was visible.

Another long step because you need to wait eight hours or one day to make the putty dried perfectly.

Repeat the sanding step with 400 grit.

Continue with 800 grit.

Finish it with 1500 grit.

Finally you are done with one part.

How about it ? did you statisfied with the result or you think it was unuseful tutorial that you didn't need. Well you choose whether to make your gundam model kit looks beautiful just like in the Gundam Build Fighters series or just a fast OOB is enough. But for you who think this basic lesson of How to Remove Seamline Tutorial is useful, you can apply it for yourself or share it to others.

- Joe Kizuki -
: How to Remove Seamline Tutorial
: 4.5
: RiP666
: How to Remove Seamline Tutorial

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