More Women In Japan Starting To Like Making Plastic Models

Nowadays, it is not only men who like to build plastic models of vehicles, robots or weapons. But, women are beginning to get fond of it. This trend can be seen clearly in the latest even held in Shizouka, Japan called The Shizuoka Hobbby Show 2015.

Kino Kosaka Starting To Like Making Plastic Models

At the event, people can observe interesting facts about the women’s creations. Unlike men who prefer to make the plastic models the way it should be, fear of damaging the character’s image, women model makers like to add some feminim touches onto their creations such as military tank that is decorated by flowers and a weapon which is round, from the Mobile Suit Gundam series, is painted to look like Earth.

These female plastic model goers have even started groups and one of the well known groups is called Mokejo which is an acronym of “mokei” which means models in Japanese and “joshi” which means women. This group is popular for their unconventional creations just like the ones which have been mentioned earlier.

Japanese Women Starting To Like Making Plastic Models

Since it was set up in 2009, the group has attracted 30 people to join and one of them is a Manga artist, Rio Kozuki. Rio said that “At work, I usually draw manga on my computer, so using my hands to build plastic models is a refreshing break from that.”

Women become captivated by plastic models and drawn into their world for an assortment of reasons.

Some are influenced by men close to them who are already connoisseurs, such as their brothers or husbands. Others become obsessed with a certain anime character or a particular model at first sight. Some enjoy posting photos of their work-in-progress or completed creations on Facebook and other social media.

Most of these women gets attracted to making plastic models because of men’s influence. Some of them gets the ideas from their brothers, husband, or friends. For example, 26-years-old Kino Kosaka from Nagoya was attracted to start making plastic models because of her male friend at work in the music industry in which she is being involved now. She then realized that this activity really gives her a lot of fun.

The different approach these women is doing is really interesting, They use their girl’s stuffs to make their platic models such as make up brushes to color and nail file to finish the surface of the plastic models.

Kosaka explained that she prefers to make “something that fascinates people,” rather than “completing something well-made.”

More Women In Japan Starting To Like Making Plastic Models

But because of that, their works has garnered praises from both critics and the public in contests and some even being featured in a magazine like the weapon from Gundam which was made to look like a pudding a la mode.

To make creating plastic models becomes more popular, some events are held and most of them are for ladies only. For example, a model shop in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo regularly creates events for women which was called “Plastic Model Party”.

In this event, the women can bring their works and share them with the others creators. Not only that, they also get special training by a well-known artist Omoe Ogoshi. The training has increased the skills in making plastic models for the women.

This event has been around for years now and being held once in a month. It also serves as a way to make the women feel relax after being exposed by so many digital equipments in their surroundings.

The activity of making Gundam plastic models for example, can clear a person’s mid away and helps her to relax. Furthermore, Ogino explained “Plastic models can easily be modified, and they can serve as a great creative outlet. Women really ought to check it out.”

: More Women In Japan Starting To Like Making Plastic Models
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: More Women In Japan Starting To Like Making Plastic Models

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  1. It's a good sign! GBF had also introduced more Gunpla targeted at female. Like Bearguy.

  2. its what guys normally want in their entire life


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