Resin Kit ZMT-S28S Gengaozo by cowboy

Many people doesn't know what is Gengaozo and where it came from but if you are into Mobile Suit Victory Gundam anime series, you will be more familiar with this mobile suit. Since there is not much explanation with the work I assume this is a 1/144 scale Resin Kit ZMT-S28S Gengaozo modeled by cowboy, somehow I think this is a conversion resin kit but lets just make it as a general category.

The details are amazing especially with the movable Psycommu System that attached on the back of Gengaozo and can be used as the Back engine unit. As the weapon only a rifle that matched, but the modeler created an beam axe or a beam scythe as the replacement of the beam mace that originally used in the anime.

No wonder the work of Resin Kit ZMT-S28S Gengaozo by cowboy is in the top ten on this week, If you are interested with this work please support the modeler by giving your vote at modelers-g so the position will maintain for as long as it can.
: Resin Kit ZMT-S28S Gengaozo by cowboy
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Resin Kit ZMT-S28S Gengaozo by cowboy

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