Z'gok on California Base Diorama

A very cool base diorama that shown lately on modelers-g really caught by my interest, actually the scale is better for 1/144 but its fine with 1/100 scale just like in this post about Z'gok on California Base Diorama modeled by Mannen Factory. A Zeon base in California was shown amazingly in this mechanical chain base with magic touch by the modeler and so do the refined MG 1/100 Z'gok. So whats the point to show the pictures of zeon army below ? me too didn't understand but it seems the modeler wants to recreate one scene in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series with some pilots and staffs of Zeon back there.

So what about the detail of Z'gok on California Base Diorama, well you can see also the details of the hangar base are superb and the wave by the sea effect are cool. If you also interested with this diorama gundam work feel free to give your vote to the Mannen's work at modelers-g.
: Z'gok on California Base Diorama
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Z'gok on California Base Diorama

2 komentar for Z'gok on California Base Diorama:

  1. This is GBWC standard! It's amazing how the pro paint those pilot figures. They are puny! Argh!!!

  2. haha I know you can do it bro, the size doesn't matter but arrghh


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