Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial

Finally get another chance to share simple tips to make your gundam model kit looks more beautiful, if you are usually using gundam marker for panel line then maybe this Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial will give you an exciting experience more than you used to be.

To make a start all tools you need are :
  • Paint brush sizes 000 or the smaller one
  • A Thinner enamel paint (Tamiya or Zippo, or something else)
  • A bottle of enamel black (Tamiya or Mr. Hobby or etc)
  • A stir paint
  • A plate
  • A suction pipette
  • A bottle of cajeput oil (minyak kayu putih)
  • Cotton buds
  • A glass of water

First you need to mix thinner enamel paint / zippo with enamel black paint into a plate, just stir it using at least 50 : 50 as the ratio but if you feel the paint still less dilute you need to add more thinner enamel paint / zippo until you feel it right.

After stirred perfectly you need to put it into the part's panel line (example with waist part) using the brush. But all you need is only touch the part using the brush and the paint will flow through the panel line.

See the picture below, the paint has spread all over the spot, please wait at least 5 or 10 minutes until it dried so you can clean it after.

For cleaning method we use a cajeput oil as an alternative though you can still use zippo or thinner enamel paint, whatever you choose just pour it into a cotton bud. Note: if your kit already repainted please do not use cajeput oil, better use thinner enamel paint or zippo.

After poured with cajeput oil, please press it first using your hand or tissue.

Use your cotton bud to clean the mess from before, do it gentle.

Now it is clean eventhough it still not clean enough.

If you want a perfection, just pour the water into a cotton bud.

And do the same thing to clean it properly.

Now it is really done for one spot of your panel line's part. Just continue with the same technic through all over body.

Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial is made for you who still not statisfied with a gundam marker for filling up the panel line, because it looks more thick but using washing technic, it will less thick and looks more elegance. We hope you are enjoying this Tutorial and if you find this post useful please like and share.

- Joe Kizuki -
: Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial
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: Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial

4 komentar for Gundam Model Kits Lining Washing Tutorial:

  1. Does it also works on surface sprayed by tamiya epoxy can spray?

    1. actually it worked as long as the surface not too thick so the panel line still visible.


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