MSM-03C HY-GOGG by kobaken11

Zeon amphibious mobile suit HY-GOGG by kobaken11

Another cool and also cute monoeye appeared with the work of HGUC MSM-03C HY-GOGG by kobaken11. With catching color scheme this blue Zeon amphibious mobile suit really looks so cool. The modeler also made some refinement with his work, but for me the way HY-GOGG carrying missiles are awesome and don't miss the LED attachment in the monoeye.

HGUC HY-GOGG amphibous mobile suit

MSM-03C HY-GOGG amphibious mobile suit

HGUC MSM-03C HY-GOGG Missiles Carry

MSM-03C HY-GOGG missiles attack

HGUC MSM-03C HY-GOGG Missiles tip


Please give your support if you love the work of HGUC MSM-03C HY-GOGG by kobaken11 by vote at his work on modelers-g. See also the completed images of this work HERE.
: MSM-03C HY-GOGG by kobaken11
: 4.5
: RiP666
: MSM-03C HY-GOGG by kobaken11

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