Char Aznable's Delusion

Another diorama has been taken by hashi with tittle Char Aznable's Delusion, submitted to modelers-g a while ago with style. The absolute scene which has happened in Jaburo on Mobile Suit Gundam anime stories always be a memorable scene that we cannot forget. A clash of RX-78-2 Gundam with Z'gok Char Aznable's use which has been recreated again by the modeler with the victory in Char's hand, that's why the diorama was called Char Aznable's Delusion.

If you also love the diorama work of Char Aznable's Delusion by hashi please support him by giving a vote at modelers-g.

See the complete work HERE.
: Char Aznable's Delusion
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Char Aznable's Delusion

2 komentar for Char Aznable's Delusion:

  1. Awesome diorama, the delusion is that his actual kill was GM and not Gundam. Lolz...

    1. LOL Char got too much homeworks lately


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