Garebawoo by inunohito

Gundam ebawoo by inunohito

An interesting work seems happened in the modelers-g these several days, so we welcoming the work of Garebawoo by inunohito. A remodeled of HGUC 1/144 AMX-107R Rebawoo into what the modeler called Garebawoo, the name was made by combining Gundam + Rebawoo. The head based from Gundam AGE2 series, and more parts was added too. The interesting part is the AMX-107G Garebawoo is a transformable mobile suit with separation deformation.

Gundam Rebawoo Transformable Mobile Suit

Transformable mobile suit Garebawoo by inunohito

Garebawoo weapon gundam model kit

Garebawoo transformable model kit

Garebawoo separation transformable gundam model kit

Garebawoo shield shooting

Help the modeler to stay long on the top with his work Garebawoo by inunohito by just simply give your vote at modelers-g.
: Garebawoo by inunohito
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Garebawoo by inunohito

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