Gunpla Cake 35th Anniversary Special Mission

This is how Bandai celebrate their Gunpla 35th anniversary, by launching a Premium Bandai Online Shop item with Gunpla 35th Anniversary Cake w/ 1/144 Gundam Ver. GUNPLA CAKE SPECIAL MISSION. A limited item with a combination of a HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam with revive version and a fork and a spoon. So what's the deal with this weird combo ? here is some explanation from the web which has been translated into english.

Set contents

• One cake (about 15cm × about 9cm × about 3cm)
• 1/144 scale prefabricated plastic model (total height about 13cm)
• Accessory weapon:
• Hungry Weapon (two) / beam rifle / beam saber / hyper bazooka / shield

Cake's ingredient

[Specific raw materials (27 items)]
Eggs, wheat, milk, soy, gelatin
orange, kiwi fruit, walnuts, peaches, apples, bananas, sesame, we are prepared in products and common amenities including a cashew nut.

[Expiration date (before thawing)]
Minimum of 4 weeks from shipping starting date (-18 ℃ or less)
please enjoy as soon as possible after thawing.

[attention when served]

dishes cutting mat is not attached.
cake will be delivered frozen.
Estimated time of thawing is about 7 hours in a refrigerated room.
Please be sure to thaw in the refrigerator compartment
Since the quality will deteriorate, Please do not re-frozen once thawed cake.
by the change in temperature during storage and thawing, there are times when chocolate plate is partially becomes white.
raw materials, attention on the handling of the other cake, refer to the instructions included.

This product, there is only this time the number of production preparation.
Soon reached the preparation quantity, it will be considered as terminated your reservation your application accepted. Please note.

[Notes on delivery]
· There is also the region that by the delivery area not time zone can be specified.
· following area will be undeliverable Please note.
Tokyo Izu Islands part of the (Aogashima Village and Kozushima Town, To-shima, Niijima Village and Shikinejima-Mikurajima, Tokyo Miyake village), Bonin Islands (Ogasawara-mura)

· This product is not available for purchase in the country of cake dealers and Plastic handling store shop.
· This product, there is a case where I am allowed to sell at such our retail stores and other planning, such as Gundam cafe.
· This product is there is a limited sale preparation Number of 'premium Bandai'. Please note that when you run out of stock.
· This product, your application situation, by the convenience of the production, there are times when shipping day becomes the change. Please note.
· Product images are those in the middle of development, and the actual product might be different.
And product specification is scheduled for September 2015 now. There might be changed, but please understand.


via cybergundam.
: Gunpla Cake 35th Anniversary Special Mission
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Gunpla Cake 35th Anniversary Special Mission

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  1. A slice of cake packed with novelty.. What a sweet treat!

    1. But I doubt the cake will be eaten except for a treasure


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