Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU

Another GBWC 2015 entry from Japan appeared with a phenomenal Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU which some of you has seen the work in progress of this work lately. Actually I didn't see it coming, this work is complicated that makes it really awesome. Tallgeese III ARES features with a lot of scratch built and custom details with LED installation.

Support the modeler with your vote by participating at modelers-g with take a vote for work of Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU, HERE.
: Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU

2 komentar for Tallgeese III ARES by ROKU:

  1. Some heavy bash kit there and I took notices of those awesome crack tiles. Great metaphor there!

    1. You mean the base ? damn I just noticed it the time you mention it bro LOL


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