Gundam Model Kit Dry Decal Tutorial

It's been awhile for some tutorial session, we knew that gundam kit especially MG and PG usually provided with decal with dry decal or water decal. This time I just want to share how to apply dry decal to your gundam model kit.

The right tools for this are:
  • Dry decal
  • Toothpick
  • Clear duck tape
  • Pen knife
  • Tweezers

First of all you need to cut the decal using the pen knife just like in the picture below. If you want to make it more easier for cutting, just glue your decal or tape it.

After you cut your decal into one piece, put it into the clear duck tape by using your hand or tweezers just like in the picture below.

Put it in the right place as the manual book says or wherever you want, make sure it already adjusted and if you still doubt with the position just release the clear duck tape and paste it again until you sure with the position.

Dry decal will be applied after you rub, so after you make sure with the position now you can rub the decal with toothpick or blunt object, rub it until the surface looks faint or opaque. It means the decal already glued perfectly.

And now you are done, please don't mind with the position LOL. All you need to do is to make sure you're decal is not screwed up.

Maybe it was really boring with this simple Gundam Model Kit Dry Decal Tutorial, but some of you maybe still have a hard time using dry decal so that's why I hope the technic will make you more easier to apply from now on.

- Joe Kizuki -
: Gundam Model Kit Dry Decal Tutorial
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: RiP666
: Gundam Model Kit Dry Decal Tutorial

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