Accident Happened on GBWC 2015 Indonesia

An accident happened during the GBWC 2015 Indonesia was held last couple days. One from many entry there had an accident with his work where the display lamp fell on it and melt half of his psyco red warior. Such a sad tragedy happened we wish for the best and deep sympathy for him.

Source by Ifan Cusianto from Bublek Studio.
: Accident Happened on GBWC 2015 Indonesia
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Accident Happened on GBWC 2015 Indonesia

4 komentar for Accident Happened on GBWC 2015 Indonesia:

  1. Looks very realistic though like Gundam been shot by mega launcher Bazooka.. Sorry to hear that ..

    1. yeah many people though this is a heavily battle damaged by purposed, but its not,, it was an accident :(

  2. Sorry for the accident, only who seriously practice this hobby can understand how do you feel...seeing hours of work ruined like this...although it turned out so realistic specially if you think that it's a casual effect...i hope they'll give him the first price!
    i would name it " solar system....fiiire!! "

    1. Hi thanks for your support,, this work will have its own memory especially to the builder itself,, even though his work seems failed because of accident, but for us this work really worth a winning price


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