GBWC 2015 Indonesia

Finally here are the Entry of GBWC 2015 Indonesia which has been held lately in Jakarta Indonesia on November 11-12 2015. The result still not yet announced but please enjoy these works contains of Junior entry and Open entry with high resolutions images thanks to Red Box.

Via Gundamguy
: GBWC 2015 Indonesia
: 4.5
: RiP666
: GBWC 2015 Indonesia

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  1. Live far from away wish can see those in persons ^^, Can give update on the winners on each category :D
    the "crab dish" is so funny ^^

    1. Me too bro,, sorry for the late reply,, and I forgot also to report the winner,, for open we have the green sazabi as the winner,, and for junior we have burning gundam fighter..


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