Z'gok Diorama Modeled by s4m

Appeared lately on modelers-g this is Z'gok Diorama modeled by s4m with such fine details especially with the dark green swamp water. The modeler made the RG 1/144 Z'gok Mass Produced in search of their team but what he's found only the Acguy corpse.

Z'gok Diorama modeled by s4m via modelers-g.
: Z'gok Diorama Modeled by s4m
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Z'gok Diorama Modeled by s4m

2 komentar for Z'gok Diorama Modeled by s4m:

  1. Man! This is so real and blend perfectly at the lake. The murky swamp diorama looks like agar agar aka jelly.. It gave a nice pic at the edge from bottom. I luv diorama but somehow I felt that judges at GBWC paid less attention to such entires in recent years. Diorama were popular during the years of Baku Challange.

    1. I'm curious about agar agar that you've mentioned before bro LOL,, I thought its in indonesian language ?? yeah nowadays the judge only pay off with a super detailed modification


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