Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial

Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial is a simple step for you who were busy enough to do a coating to your Gundam Model Kits. Topcoat is a must if you want your kit's color still the same for the following years especially who did a paint work or only simple panel linning and decals. To do this fast Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial, all you need are:
  • Topcoat spraycan ( Mr. Hobby / Tamiya / other brands )
  • Alligator clip stick
  • Your kit

Now that your tools are ready, we use MG Strike Freedom's head to torso in this tutorial, no need to detach every part but make sure the spraycan can reach every place on your kit. Clean your kit first to make sure there are no particle of dust spotted, you can also apply panel linning and water / dry decals first. Spray your kit with layer from left to right at least on distance 20-30cm.

The doff topcoat will take effect after it dry enough.

Now you can see the differences.

If you prefer the glossy coat, the Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial still the same but just make sure the topcoat spread to every part of your kits.

- Joe Kizuki -
: Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial

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