Petit Zack by ozcat

Good diorama to start the day, Petit Zack by ozcat which has been appeared lately on modelers-g. Simple diorama but with deep story with them, Located in Side 3 Berlin UC 0084 where the threat of terrorism by the Principality military remnants still roaming the Dione Republic. That's when the Republic Security Forces deployed its best troop the Petit MS "Puchizakku".

Petit Zack by ozcat was made by combining the 1/35 Zaku head into the old model kit 1/100 Galabagos with legs and arms from HGUC 1/144 Zaku, and also from other parts. The figure itself was from Max Factory 1/20 PLAMAX MF-01: Nene (Shunya Yamashita Military Cuties). The diorama's theme was made by put the situation at the streets of Germany.

Please take a vote for this beautiful diorama of Petit Zack by ozcat at modelers-g and you can also see the complete work by visiting Godbless The Moon.
: Petit Zack by ozcat
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Petit Zack by ozcat

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