Spray Can Tutorial for Gundam Model Kit

In the last tutorial we have Gundam Model Kit Topcoat Tutorial but some people asking how to use it properly especially with the color one. Using spray can to paint Gundam Model kit is a hard thing to do but once you mastered the technique, the result will be as good as the air brush can do.

So this time we have a Spray Can Tutorial for Gundam Model Kit especially for the beginner, all you need are:
  • Primer can be white or gray
  • Colored spray paint ( example: silver)
  • Alligator clip
  • The object / part
  • Warm water

Actually we have some habit to put the spray can first in the warm water before using it, the purpose is to make sure the paint inside the spray can are still in good condition and to avoid a freezing. Just put the spray can in warm water about five or ten minutes long.

Make sure to shake the can before every spray you make to get a better result.

Now we begin to spray the part with primer paint don't forget to use the alligator clip to hold the part while you spray it. How ? Do not spray the can without movement, just spray from the left to right, or from right to left, or from up to down, or from down to up. But do it with one spray and give an interlude for a second after you spray it again in whatever directions. The best distance from paint to object are 20-30cm depends on the spray can's brand.

Primer done wait 1-2 hours until it dry.

Now you need to take the same step to spray the color spray paint.

And here is the result, topcoat after it dry for the final step.

We can not guarantee if you failed in your first try, because paint work with spray can is more dificult than the air brush. You must avoid the thick result by keep the distance and the movement while you spray it. Hope you enjoy this quick Spray Can Tutorial for Gundam Model Kit.

- Joshua Halim -
: Spray Can Tutorial for Gundam Model Kit
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Spray Can Tutorial for Gundam Model Kit

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