Assault Diorama by pbqjh776

A fantastic diorama from Universal Century timeline has been appeared recently, this is Assault Diorama by pbqjh776. A classic mobile suit never fail to amaze you, its taken from an old MG 1/100 MSM-03 Gogg, Principality of Zeon Mass Productive Amphibious Mobile Suit. This beautiful work put a remodeled Gogg with cool color schemes and water effects that made an appearance to the surface from under water.

If you love the work of Assault Diorama by pbqjh776, please support the modeler by giving your vote at modelers-g. You can also put your bid if you interested in this work at Yahoo Auction Japan.
: Assault Diorama by pbqjh776
: 4.5
: RiP666
: Assault Diorama by pbqjh776

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