Ultra-Act Ultraman Real Size only available on 1 April

Only available on 1 April with best price 78.000.000 Yen you will get the real size of Ultra-Act Ultraman standing still 40m, anyone interested LOL ?

Ultraman real size


S.H.Figuarts Luke Skywalker (Episode VI)

Another action figure with different brand from Star Wars series after the previous post of Play Arts Kai Variant Stormtrooper and Play Arts Kai Variant Boba Fett, now it is time for Bandai with their own brand the S.H.Figuarts toy line introduce the S.H.Figuarts Luke Skywalker (Episode VI).

star wars return of the jedi


Robot Damashii Freedom Gundam

Robot Damashii Freedom Gundam shown up recently with more official images to follow up your Robot Damashii collections. With the great articulation that you already knew, you can pose to recreate the scene from the anime itself. Well no need to afraid because this is a toy action figure not the model kit with fragile movement.

freedom gundam century


Ace of Diamond Miyuki Kazuya

Recently finished watch one of my fave anime, Ace of Diamond (Daiya no Ace) that will get its second seasons as well, yeahhh. Damnn Miyuki Kazuya just appeared of nowhere, well it is really interesting since he will played the main role as captain after the third grade leaves. If you are into a Baseball thing maybe you should watch this series or read the manga.

Gundam century ace of diamond

End of the story this is a 1/9 scale PVC Figure of Miyuki Kazuya from new manufacture Apricot Blossom. It stands approximately 200mm with such a beautiful design and will be available on June 2015. The price will be around 9698 Yen, different places also put varies price such as amiami, HLJ, 1999, etc. See more images on cybergundam.
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