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4th Anniversary for Gundam Century

It is monday morning and it is time to go to work, but I must do an apologise for not give any updates for these several days. Actually today is the 4th anniversary for Gundam Century, yeah at least this blog already stands for four years long. Sadly there is not much to give except for an unfinished template that I want to change. Welcoming a new face for Gundam Century, new template and new logo that still need some revision everywhere.

Gundam Century blog and news

Robot Damashii Rick Dias Quattro Bajeena Use

Its Rick Dias that appeared on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series now will be soon released in the form of gundam action figure Robot Damashii Rick Dias Quattro Bajeena Use.

RG 1/144 Gundam Astray Red Frame Official Images and Promotional Video

Real Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame Box Art

A favourite gundam model kit that many people can not wait for it to be released, it is RG 1/144 MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame from Gundam SEED Astray manga series. I think many of you already seen the painted product from internet because it made appearance on the event lately. Please wait a little longer and here is RG 1/144 Gundam Astray Red Frame Official Images and Promotional Video that appeared recently.

PG Unicorn Gundam Awakening Version by YunTak

Here comes one of the GBWC 2015 contestant from HK, this is PG Unicorn Gundam Awakening Version by YunTak. It takes 4-5 months for the completion but the result are fantastic especially with the crystal parts that molded in the psychoframe that shine with LED. We hope for the best result to the modeler in his GBWC 2015 entry.

MG Zeong Mixing Build by yu-suke

A clean work of Zeong has been appeared lately on modelers-g, this is MG Zeong Mixing Build by yu-suke. The details are awesome that you can see in the pictures below and there are some HG parts planted in this work especially in the head.

Time Goes On Diorama by Carry-melo

Back again with a realization of a live of Zeon army in the form of diorama, this is Time Goes On Diorama by Carry-melo. It is about the scrap yard of zeon using UCHG 1/35 Zeon Mobile Scout Set as the junk vehicle which can not operated anymore. The modeler also using a figure from another 1/35 scale military figure model kit that looks like a zeon army, cool.

Gundam Thunderbolt Diorama Win Weekly ASCII Publisher Award

A diorama of MS-09R Rick Dom and two MS-05 Zaku I in space featured in Dengeki Gunpla King 2015 Model Competition Weekly ASCII Publisher Award. The diorama is about the returning of Rick Dom from a war that severely damaged but still making it back home in the mother ship where the two Zaku I awaited, one of them piloted by Daryl Lorenz. The diorama was created in great details by evemani, the situation looks so real.

MG Shining Gundam Win The Naoki Award 2015

The mobile fighter Shining Gundam is back this time he comes with a glorious pose inside a diorama base with LED in it. This is diorama of MG 1/100 Shining Gundam modeled by yu-suke, one of the famous modeler that previously came with his GM Sniper II White Dingo and many more. The work of Shining Gundam has been featured as a Dengeki Gunpla King 2015 Model Competition NAOKI Award Winner.
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