The 1/100 RX-78 Gundam Collection by Gundam@EFSF

What if you wake up in the morning and feel like to clean your gunpla collection on the showcase, and what if you found it all in 1/100 scale of varies RX-78 Gundam painted and modified ? If it was me I will sleep again and dream a good one because it feels like in heaven. But not going to happen for this guy, the guy I admired since long ago with his awesome collection always do his regular cleaning.

gundam rx-78-2 universal century


Head Display 1/48 Build Burning Gundam by Icekung

Do you have your own High Grade Build Burning Gundam ? Nowadays it is kind of a must to have it especially after watching the full episode of Gundam Build Fighters. Yeah my friends also got their own kit, and almost in all social media posted it, we all know everyone want to be a fighter. Unfortunately me not included yet, whatever pal so if you have your Build Burning Gundam then you must buy the head display too. Here is one of the wonderful paint work of Head Display 1/48 Build Burning Gundam by Icekung.

gundam build fighters anime series


Figuarts ZERO Portgas D. Ace 5th Anniversary Edition

Fire Fist Ace got his brand new design and will be reappeared for a 5th Anniversary Edition of Bandai Figuarts Zero PVC series. The Portgas D. Ace rise once more from the death in the form of PVC figure from Onepiece series, see more the details.

figuarts zero ace


Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model

We could never forget what happen in Jaburo at that time the Universal Century 0079, the tragedy that makes me a better man up untill now. Damn who would care what happen to me LOL but yeah we all do loves the Tragedy in Jaburo on the twenty-ninth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam. Tonight someone could represent one of the scene with Attack on Jaburo Diorama by gats_model.

tragedy in jaburo diorama

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